Curb Appeal-Create The WOW Factor

Nothing excites me more than driving down the street and noticing a nicely cared for business or home. I just want to knock on the door or go into the business and compliment them!

Creating the WOW Factor

Have you ever seen a home and thought, “if that house ever goes up for sale?” Or a spa or home furnishing business you wanted to visit based on your first impression. How about a restaurant with a beautiful display of urns at their entrance welcoming you?

I notice these things and truthfully so does everybody else. We all want beautiful and wow. Businesses and homes for sale require it.

So much thought is given to marketing a home or business. We all want the best real-estate agent for our homes, the best signage for our businesses. These are all important things.

Creating the wow factor draws prospective buyers and client’s attention to your business or home. Large planters, placed to compliment your business, turn heads even on a busy street where people often drive by without noticing much. The WOW factor makes people notice.

Curb Appeal

Marketing your home on the outside adds value. Before the for-sale sign goes up, take a moment and evaluate your curb appeal. Put yourself in the place of a prospective buyer. Is my home welcoming? Welcome mats, planters and urns, nicely landscaped and edged gardens attract buyers. Many people will just drive right on by a neglected property. Could you imagine how much more interest a house would have attracted without those drive by people that just could not envision beyond the front door? More interest translates into more prospective buyers. It is important to stage the inside of a home as well, quite often though the outside is forgotten. Marketing your outdoor space adds value and a lifestyle that appeals to the masses.

Truthfully, that outside curb appeal should be done long before the sign goes up. Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make, it makes sense to showcase it.

Businesses can WOW too

For businesses, that cared for look invites people through your door. Restaurants with WOW planters or urns welcome patrons into the space. The WOW factor on the outside markets a business to prospective clients. The message is” we are open for business and we want you to come in”.

Special thanks to Janice Corrall, owner of Gardenscapes Homestaging for this great insight on preparing your home for sale.

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