Most employers require employees to handle the heaviest load when it comes to relocating offices. This is a hard and thankless job but somebody has got to do it. Don’t panic, completing this task on top of all your other duties can be done. Just follow our easy guide to make the process run a little more smoothly.

Scope Out The New Spot

If at all possible take a look at your new space or at the very least ask the boss for a blue print or a generalized description. Knowing the lay of the land will assist you in planning exactly how you will want to configure your new office. It is best to know before relocating offices how you plan on setting up the new office.  Trying to figure it all out on moving day can be stressful.

Consider If You’ll Need Any New Furniture/Decorations

When you find out exactly what your new space will be like, begin to anticipate what you may need in your new space. This means acquiring or discarding new furniture and decor to make the new space suit your taste. Get an outside opinion from a fellow co-worker to see if they have any ideas on how you can maximize your space. Browse through websites like Pinterest to get ideas on how to organize and decorate your office in fun, useful and creative ways.

Have A Chat With Your Boss

If your boss hasn’t taken the time to discuss the move with you, schedule a meeting. This will give you the time to get all the little details that you need to know before moving day. Find out when the moving date is, what to take, where you are going, etc. This will also give your boss a chance to remind you of any important things they forgot to mention to you about the move.

Start Packing in Advance

Decorations, pictures, plants and other unnecessary items should be the first things that you pack away. Store the items in a safe place until you find out if the new office will have room for them or not. Consider whether you want to decorate your new office in a different way than the old one.

Pack Up the Filing Cabinets

The great thing about filing cabinets is that everything should be organized in such a way that you can just put it into boxes. If you have unfinished filing, get it out of the way so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Make sure that there is enough room for all the files you have in your new office; if not, you will need to make alternative plans with your boss.

The Desk

Depending on how organized you are, this task can either be tremendously easy or horrifically difficult. If your desk is organized then you can pack everything neatly into boxes to be moved. If your desk isn’t organized, get everything in order first then box it. Having everything orderly when you box up the desk makes it a lot easier when it comes to unpacking.

Don’t Panic

A lot of people get really stressed over having to move offices. Try to put this into perspective and look on the bright side. This move will be over with before you know it!

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