These tips will help you pack your valuables properly, ensuring a safe trip to the new home!

Extra protection

Double tape the bottoms of all cardboard boxes you intend to use for valuable articles. Use only high-quality packing tape.
Place a few sheets of bubble wrap on the bottom of each packing box. This will keep valuables safe by absorbing any shocks along the way.

Framed art

Use picture boxes that will fit framed paintings and photos of any size. Plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap sheets can create layers of cushion inside the box. For any pictures that have glass tape a huge X along the glass surface to keep glass shards in place in case of an accident.


Whenever possible, store and transport your jewelry pieces in jewelry boxes. If not, try using index cards or pill organizers to pack up your earrings. Your rings will be best protected in hard sunglass cases or even egg cartons!


Most electronic devices are both expensive and fragile. If possible, pack them in their original boxes. If you no longer have the boxes, use plenty of static-free bubble wrap to bundle them together. Transport your smaller hi-tech equipment – laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, etc. on your own if possible. Larger electronic devices, such as flat-screen TVs and desktop computers, may need to be moved by your moving company. Professional movers will ensure that they are protected and transported properly. Take pictures of the cable set ups so that you can re-connect everything easily at the new home.

Antique Furniture

Use as many moving blankets as you can to protect the entire surface of antique furniture pieces, especially any legs or arms that stick out from the main frame. Placing sheets of bubble wrap around table legs or other exposed pieces is also a good idea.  Professional movers will have everything needed  furniture dolly, sliders, etc. move your furniture safely.

The best way to assure your valuables arrive safely is to hire moving professionals like Mike the Mover. Give us a call at 519-822-0298 or get a free online quote here.