1.Enusre that your movers are hydrated

They will be working hard to move your belongings in and out of the hot summer sun. If you provide some cold drinks for the moving crew, they will be very grateful!

2. Unpack the Heat-Sensitive Items First

Note which boxes hold the items that heat can affect and get them unpacked and put away properly first (i.e. food, candles, electronics)

3. Turn on the Air Conditioner in the new home before you arrive

Does your new home have air conditioning? Your movers will love to have that space cool for when they move in your items and you will appreciate a cool home to relax in after a hectic day.

4. Readiness is Really Important

Ensure everything is packed, labeled and ready to go for your movers on moving day. The quicker they can get started in the day, while it is cooler, the easier your whole move will be.

5. Book Early

Summer is a very busy time of year for movers. To avoid disappointment and stress, give us a call as early as possibleMoving in the Summer HeatMoving in the Summer Heat  to book your summer move!