Moving in the spring, summer or fall is stressful as it is, but try adding below freezing temperatures, snowstorms and bulky winter clothing and it’s bound to get much more stressful.  Here are some tips to help the process move along as quickly as possible.


Set your new home up with heat and hot water.  Make sure you have some spare blankets just in case someone needs something to get a little warmer. Pack your winter jackets, a couple extra layers and some warm socks separate from your other boxes.

Salt & Shovel

Keep an eye on the weather the week that you’re supposed to move.  Plan to go ahead of time and shovel your walkway and driveway.  In addition to shovelling, salt or sand as well to help avoid any accidents.  If you are not in the same area as your new home, call a local snow removal company and have them check on the condition of your new space.  If it’s a considerable amount of snow, it’ll be worth it to pay to have it all cleared up.

Warm Beverages

Purchase a plug-in kettle to have on hand for moving day.  Offer tea, hot chocolate and coffee to your helper and moving team.  Plus, it’ll be extra appreciated on a hectic day!

Have a Backup Plan

Lastly, figure out what is on the route to your new home and keep an eye out for hotels or rest stops along the way just in case you need to pull over and wait out a storm.  Perhaps there is family around that you can stay with, in the event that you have to postpone your move.

The team at Mike The Mover is trained to move in any weather conditions.  Eliminate the stress of coordinating everything, especially when there are a few more things that can go wrong when moving in the winter.