Moving companies in Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener and Waterloo are used to moving furniture but what happens when your precious piano has to go from A to B? Moving a piano is a specialised task and you need to hire seasoned professionals for this job. Here’s how the professionals go about moving pianos:

Balance is key

Pianos are heavy on top and light on the bottom (where the delicate legs are located). Professional movers take particular care to ensure that the piano’s balance is maintained throughout the moving process.

Keeping the surface scuff free

The surface of the piano, as well as the legs, need to be properly wrapped so that scratches and dents are avoided. Blankets and special padding are used to protect each piece of the piano throughout the move.

Using Enough Manpower

Not only are pianos exceptionally heavy items, but they need to be lifted and moved carefully.  The lifting, as well as navigating around corners as well as up and down steps, means that a few pair of hands are needed.

Keeping the path clear

When moving a piano, the movers will remove furniture items and objects out of the  path of the piano so that chances of slipping or tripping are minimal.

Locking the piano

When possible, the piano is locked so that the ivory keys aren’t damaged or dislodged during the move.

Securing the piano in the moving truck

Once the piano is loaded into the moving vehicle, it is then secured into the moving truck with heavy-duty furniture straps and cargo straps that can reliably hold the piano in place during transit.

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