Let’s be honest: moving an entire office is a tricky proposition. This is especially true in the busy Tri-Cities area. Once you find the perfect new home for your business, take the time to plan your move. By keeping these quick tips in-mind, you’ll make your next meet up with commercial movers easy and rewarding:

Before Moving

Shop around for commercial movers you can trust. Your office may have highly technical equipment that costs a fortune. Make sure you have the right team for the job. You need movers with years of professional experience and courteous customer service reps. We suggest Mike the Mover in Guelph. Take plenty of time to prepare. Unlike residential moving, commercial moving is measured in months to years; not weeks to months. That’s simply because there are many more moving parts to coordinate. Coordinate and prepare with employees, landlords, distributors, and utility companies to simplify the move. The sooner everyone knows, the better. Don’t be afraid to get technical. Organizing moving boxes in a large office may get confusing. Consider using color coding, numbering, or descriptive room names to help keep everything straight. Also, be sure to share this system with your movers! That way, everything will land exactly where it needs to.

While the Movers Work Their Magic

Coordinate management at both locations. On the day of the office migration, keep a manager at both your old location and the new one. They’ll be able to help coordinate the loading and unloading process and answer any questions the movers may have. Don’t invite the whole office out though! Too many people during a move can lead to people getting hurt. Triage your unloading efforts. If you’re moving IT materials to your new office, get those boxes unpacked first so your infrastructure can be set up quickly. Managing cables, phones and computers in a crowded space can be a nightmare! Follow these tips, and your new office will be put together in no-time flat!

For more great ideas on how to plan your next company move, check with the pros at Mike the Mover. We can’t wait to move you into the workspace of your dreams!