It’s often said that haste makes waste. The same is true in moving – if you fail to plan out your commercial moving strategy beforehand, it’ll likely be a costly and frustrating process. Skip the drama while saving trees and time by considering the following:

You’re probably packing too much paper.

While you’re required to keep a certain amount of physical tax records and other data on-hand, you can probably shed a significant amount of paper weight.

Scan, shred, recycle.

Important, yet dated documents are commonplace in cluttered desks and cabinets. Decide which ones you need to keep, then scan them onto your computer and recycle the paper. For easier access, consider adding the scans to an office DropBox or similar cloud storage account.

Stick to emails and chat programs for intra-office communication.

If your office is still printing and delivering memos, consider making the switch to digital correspondence. Email is dispersed much faster, and electrons are much easier to recycle than paper!

Pack, organize and load strategically for your business’s relocation.

Your office move will require plenty of prep work. However, none is as vital as taking the time to pack smart.
Check your packing job – then re-check it.
Make sure you strategically make use of each box’s storage potential! Extra boxes means more trips in the moving van, which means more gas.

Contract a commercial mover.

Speaking of moving vans, make sure you hire a professional mover with years of moving know-how. They’ll have special tricks on how to relocate your business more efficiently, and they’ll save you plenty of lifting!

Strike when the time is right.

Plan your move when traffic is sparse – ideally early in the morning. That way, you’ll spend less time idling and more time getting stuff done.

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