Moving isn’t easy. Talk about an understatement, right? But did you know there’s someone in your family who might actually enjoy it? For kids, everything can be a fun adventure if presented in a creative and playful way. Here are 10 ways to make moving fun for your kids and hence, a little easier for you.

Packing Fun

  1. Funny Packing Song
    Make up a funny song for your family to sing while packing. It should be simple and silly, and could go to the tune of a famous song your kids like. Don’t take it too seriously, just start improvising and see what comes up. If your kids are old enough to come up with their own songs, let them have a go as well.
  1. Little Surprises
    Even small kids can help pack certain things. Hide little surprises for them to find while they pack, like stickers or candy. With older kids, you can hide little notes with funny riddles or “tasks” that will give them a playful break from packing.
  1. Box Decorations
    Once the boxes are packed, your kids can tape them shut and decorate them with sharpies and stickers. Older kids can be in charge of labeling and make colorful labels for each box.
  1. Imaginative Cardboard Play
    Put some boxes aside for your kids to play in. They can use them to build a fort, which is a great way to play indoors when all the toys have been packed.

Moving Fun

  1. Road Music
    On your way to your new home, make sure you have your kids’ favorite music with you. If your kids are old enough and love music, they can help put together a moving-day playlist with feel-good songs to help keep up family morale. Even teens could get excited about this one.
  1. Road games
    Simple games that can be played in the car are a great way to pass the hours on the road. I Spy, 20 Questions and I’m Going on a Picnic require nothing except your family’s participation while Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman and The License Plate Game call only for a pen and a piece of paper.

Unpacking Fun

  1. Indoor Camping
    After the  have gone, don’t be so quick to get everybody’s bedroom set up. Pitch a tent in your new living room instead and have an indoor camping experience. The kids would love it.
  1. Let them set up their own rooms
    Depending on their age, your kids can help unpack and organize their things in their new rooms. Putting their own toys in place may also give them a touch of extra motivation to keep the order in their room.
  1. Decorate together
    Children who like arts and crafts might love making a sign for your new home with your family name, and maybe even individual signs for every family member’s room.
  1. Arts & Crafts
    Once your boxes are unpacked, cut one side of the box so that it makes a big flat canvas. If the weather allows take it outside, hand them some paint and let them channel their inner artist.