The decision to move is not one that should be taken lightly.  There are many, many factors that can lead to a move that we will explore in this article.  Moving is not a small task and should be well thought out.  Finances and family need to be well considered.  Here are 4 telling signs that it’s time to move.

The Walls are Closing In

By that, we mean that space is getting smaller and smaller.  You’re running out of room to properly operate as a family.  Your storage is non-existent, there aren’t enough bathrooms or your children are sharing rooms (but rapidly growing out of the space).  The garage has become a dumping grounds and you’ve renovated or finished all the spaces (like the basement) in order to maximize your space. It’s time to move.  Finding a home that everyone can have a space will be wonderful for your growing family.

Job Opportunity

A new job can be an amazing opportunity. Perhaps it means that you’ve advanced your career! If you’re commuting, it may not be worth it.  At some point, you should make the transition and cut down on the time that you spend in your car driving and really be able to enjoy your new city.  Moving to a new city for work gives you the opportunity to make new friends!

Too Much Space

Circumstances change (and sometimes quickly) which can mean you have more room than you need.  Perhaps you’ve had a relationship change or children move out.  If you have empty rooms or too much space to keep up with the cleaning, you should consider moving to a smaller space.  Find a space that better suits your current needs as an empty-nester.


If you find that your finances are tight, moving can help lessen the burden that you currently feel like your carrying. Finances can go both ways. If you’ve recently had a promotion with a salary increase, you may want to invest in a bigger space for you or your family.


These are the signs that it’s time to move. If this is you, contact the professionals at Mike The Mover.  We will help take the stress out of moving and do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other important things, like your family!