Is it time for a fresh start? Moving to a new city can be daunting, scary and a little bit lonely, especially if you’re doing it by yourself.  There are many challenges that come with making a move on your own but it can be a chance for new opportunities.  Here are our tips for moving to a new city alone.


Take some time prior to your move to research your new city.  Locate the most important places of interest like a hospital, a nearby grocery store, a coffee shop, the library and a school.  If you have time, take a trip to your new city and explore it.  Pay a visit to the local Tourist Centre to pick up maps and brochures that will provide you with a little more information.  This is a great opportunity to meet new people that you can eventually meet up with when you make the move.


Understand your moving budget and the budget needed to live day-to-day in your new city.  Know that the cost of living can differ from one city to the next. Downloading a moving checklist can ensure that you have everything you need with the budget you have.


Try to connect with someone, even an acquaintance, that may be able to show you around or answer any questions you may have.  If you’re relocating for work, try to connect a coworker and meet up at a local coffee shop.  This can help the transition be a little less stressful. You can also connect on social media and get the ball rolling that way.


Mike The Mover has services available to help make the transition a little less daunting.  We connect with you every step of the way and we are an extra pair of hands-on moving day.  Moving to a new city alone can be packed full of fun.  Good luck on your new adventure!