Things have changed (for the time being).  It doesn’t mean that you have to neglect the important seasonal duties around your home. In fact, it’s an opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors while still practicing social distancing.  Here is what you can do for your spring curb appeal without even leaving your home.

Clean Your Windows

Spray the outside windows down one-by-one to remove dirt and cobwebs. You can use a window cleaner spray or mix a little bit of vinegar with water and dish soap.  Squeegee the window to remove water spots and dirt and continue onto the next.  Don’t forget about the INSIDE of your windows too!  Repeat the process for those windows – minus the hose, of course.

Mow The Lawn

Nothing like a fresh mow to clean up your yard!  This little change can have a huge impact on the look of your front yard.  Remove leaves, weeds and other clippings and set aside for yard waste pickup.  Apply lawn fertilizer and get a jump start on a weed-free green yard.

Wash Away Dirt

Spray your driveway, doors, sidewalks, front porch and any other surface that collected dirt and grime over the winter season.  Patch or repaint anything that may need it, if you happen to have paint lying around the house from previous projects.

Pick Your Plants

Hop online and visit your favourite nursery and fill your cart with the flowers you’d like to sprinkle around your property.  Many places are offering porch drop-offs, this is a great way to support your local nursery or greenhouse.  Just be careful because we can still experience frost that may kill your new plants.

Small tasks like these can really change the look of your home and freshen it up with the change of the season.  That’s right, spring curb appeal can happen without even leaving your home. If you’re thinking of putting your home up for sale this spring, be sure to contact Mike The Mover for all your moving needs.