winter garden preparation

Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Winter is coming weather we like it or not. We all hate thinking about that time of year – especially right now when the fall weather has turned beautiful here in Ontario.  Don’t think about the cold months ahead, instead stay positive and think of next spring and summer’s garden.What you do now and in the coming months can make a huge difference in the success of next year’s garden.  Here are four things you can do now to really jump-start your 2018 garden.


Although contrary to what we normally do – which is compost everything we can – don’t compost our pepper and tomato plants from the garden.   Why?  Just too much chance for any plant disease to get passed through to the soil for next year.  In addition – the odd green or damaged fruit still on the plants, along with their thousand of seeds, are better kept away from the compost pile.


Don’t leave those weeds in your garden over winter.  Clean them out now and prevent them from going to seed, digging deeper roots – and doubling in size.


Chopped leaves and compost are the stars here.  Dig in generous amounts of compost to your raised beds or garden.  Start collecting those falling leaves now!  If you don’t have access to your own – make a trip around local neighborhoods and collect the bags or piles of leaves that accumulate at the curb. Dig in generous amounts to decompose.  Even better, use the leaves as a mulch on your beds over the winter – helping to keep valuable soil from eroding.  Just dig into the bed’s soil in the spring.

All three of these steps are great ways to ensure a healthy, productive garden next year, and without having to use harsh chemicals and fertilizers.

Mike The Mover is Open For Business!

Moving services are deemed ESSENTIAL in the Government of Ontario List of Essential Workplaces. 

**We have closed the warehouse and office to customer drop-offs/pick-ups until further notice**

Need packing material? Call 519-822-0298 for curbside pick-up.

We have updated our Health and Safety standards:
• All surfaces, trucks & equipment, door handles, workstations, etc. are disinfected regularly
• Employees are instructed to wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their faces, and are supplied gloves
• Employees are instructed to maintain 2+ meter distance from clients
• Movers are kept in the same teams to avoid large group interactions
• Anyone with flu-like symptoms are asked to stay home
• Confirming with customers that they are not showing any flu-like symptoms before our staff arrive to provide moving services
• Closing our warehouse and office to customer drop-offs and pick-ups

What can we all do?
• Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Practice good cough and sneeze etiquette
• Practice Social Distancing and stay home
• Disinfect your home: disinfect door handles, countertops, and surfaces

We will always take our customers’ and employees’ safety and health very seriously. We are following the advice of Public Health Organizations as the situation develops. We thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to keep you informed as we take additional action.

Federal safety guidance to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19 in commercial vehicle operations

Updated April 4, 2020