Cheers! Moving in together is a huge milestone in a relationship.  Whether you’re moving one household into another or moving to a new home together, there’s bound to be at least doubles of most of your combined belongings. Here are some tips to make the transition as easy as possible.

Keep, Toss, Donate

Create three piles and sort them into keep, toss and donate. Do this for not only your clothing (you’re about to share a closet!) but for your other belongings like household appliances, bedding and furniture. It won’t be long before you’ve cut your belongings significantly. Ask family and friends if they are in need of anything and donate them that way, or see if your local shelter is in need. You can also sell off your items and get a bit of money for any moving expenses!

Go For The Upgrade

Once you’ve narrowed down which large appliances or pieces of furniture you want to keep, take a good look at them.  Decide if they are even worth keeping.  If you’ve sold any items prior to the move, you can pool your money together and make some much-needed upgrades to your sofa, bed frame or appliances.

Start a Change Jar

This one is fun! Change ends up in bowls, drawers and in random places around the home.  Collect it all and any spare change you have and put it in a piggy bank or jar.  Keep collecting for as long as you want or until it’s full and use the funds for a weekend away or to go towards a larger purchase.  It doesn’t take long to save up a couple of hundred dollars! You’d be surprised.

Have fun! Moving in together is exciting.  You’ll be so glad that you were able to declutter too! Mike the Mover provides a stress-free moving experience, contact us for a free quote! Our professional team can tackle any kind of move.