Moving kids after a divorce is a stressful task to handle. The divorce alone is a tough subject to explain to children, but now the logistics of everything need to be tackled. In this circumstance, you need to refer to the custody agreement and ask yourself how far away you want to be from each other as it could limit the time that you get to spend with your children.

What’s Best for the Child

The court is less likely to approve a move if it does not benefit the child. The court will take into consideration schooling, family, friends and extra activities that they have or participate in. Permission is required from your partner if the move will increase the distance between the two homes. This is because it will make it more difficult for them to visit the child.

Time to Adjust

A divorce is a lot for children to handle and understand. A younger child may have an easier time adjusting to the change because they didn’t become as attached to their surroundings. An older child is likely to have a much harder time as it could mean that they are leaving their friends, school and their home that they have many memories in. It’s important to give them to time and space to adjust to everything while keeping the lines of communication open. Getting your child or children excited for their new home can be helpful.  Allow them to pick out their bedroom and decorations.  Those items that they decorate with could be something that they find comfort in.


Moving after divorce can be made a little easier. At Mike The Mover, we want to make the move as easy as possible with little interruption to your daily life, no matter the situation. Need to move in a hurry? Contact us for a free quote and let’s see how we can help.