Tips for moving

Top Tips for a Successful Relocation

Regardless of the time or distance, moving can be one of the most stressful tasks to do…especially during a pandemic! Although we don’t control things like traffic, weather, and accidents, there are many things we can do to make our relocation successful. Read ahead for Mike the Mover’s 10 tips to make your move as organized and painless as possible! 

Start Right Away  

Once you know you are moving, start making plans for downsizing to unpacking. A binder or a digital document can help you record everything. Determine what you can donate, sell, or trash as your first big task. It may seem overwhelming, but you don’t want to move anything you don’t use or love. If you can’t immediately picture where you will be using your furniture in the new home…it’s likely because you don’t need it. 

Call around to different moving companies for quotes to determine what services are included and when you will need them. Ensure that you have appropriate boxes, small ones for heavy items and boxes large enough for your big items. Invest in packing paper to protect your items during the move. Companies also offer rental bins which are a very environmentally friendly option but do limit your packing options. Once you have your boxes, start packing non-essentials. You want to space out your tasks as much as possible and give yourself lots of time, so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute. 

Look to your Future 

Label your boxes with your name and number, a brief list of what is inside the box, and where it is GOING in the new home. When you get to the new place, label the rooms so your movers and helpers know where things should be placed. When packing, you can also label boxes as “open first” so you know where your essentials are. Nobody wants to face the first morning after a relocation without their favourite coffee, or a cell phone charger.  

Save money with your date 

If you can, speak to your moving company about your flexibility with your moving date. Choosing a date mid-week, and not in the beginning or middle of the month will save you money with your services. Additionally, you are less likely to encounter service delays in hooking up your utilities because you haven’t picked a busy time. Call them as soon as possible to set up a time for cutting your utilities at your old home and starting them at your new place! That way you can pick the time that best suits you. 

Use it all up 

Once you know you are moving, it’s time to cut down on spending and increase your consumption. Start by taking a quick inventory of your kitchen. Can you eat everything by your moving date? If not, donate it to your local food bank. Start using up the food in your freezer and fridge and try to stay away from buying anything new. 

Do the same with other household consumables like toilet paper, tissue, and cleaning supplies. Make sure you have enough to last you but get rid of what you can so you don’t have to move it. 

Last-minute tips and tricks 

  • If you have young children and pets, now is the time to call in favours for help. If you can, drop the kids and pets off the night before your move and pick them up the day after. This will ensure they don’t get in the way and don’t add to the stress of the day. 

  • Use your linens, towels, and clothing to provide extra protection for your breakables. Use your large items like pots and pans to hold small items like spices. Unscrew caps on bottles of liquid and cover with plastic wrap, then put the lids back on. 

  • Use your suitcases to transport heavy items. Their wheels will make things like books or heavy platters/dishware easier to transport.

  • Take pictures of everything. A photo of a box before it’s closed, the back of your tv before you unplug everything, and the way you have your drawers organized. This will make it so much easier to unpack when you arrive. Have a large essentials box and cooler in a central area for moving day.

  • Keep your important documents, medications, chargers, and some toiletries in one location to prevent any scrambling on moving days. A cooler can be used to pack the last few fridge items and keep cold drinks handy for your helpers. 

  • Order in on moving day. Make arrangements to have a simple meal, like pizza, arrive at a pre-scheduled time on your moving day. Call in advance to ensure you request plates, drinks, and napkins and pay for everything. Then on the day of the move, all you have to worry about is eating!  

Whether this is your first move or tenth, you can reduce your relocation stresses by ensuring you are well-prepared to start life in your new place. Mike the Mover can help you with the tough stuff. Call us today to arrange for a quote and discuss the options that will help you make it through the process easily. We can’t wait to help you with your move!

Mike The Mover is Open For Business!

Moving services are deemed ESSENTIAL in the Government of Ontario List of Essential Workplaces. 

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We have updated our Health and Safety standards:
• All surfaces, trucks & equipment, door handles, workstations, etc. are disinfected regularly
• Employees are instructed to wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their faces, and are supplied gloves
• Employees are instructed to maintain 2+ meter distance from clients
• Movers are kept in the same teams to avoid large group interactions
• Anyone with flu-like symptoms are asked to stay home
• Confirming with customers that they are not showing any flu-like symptoms before our staff arrive to provide moving services
• Closing our warehouse and office to customer drop-offs and pick-ups

What can we all do?
• Practice good hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Practice good cough and sneeze etiquette
• Practice Social Distancing and stay home
• Disinfect your home: disinfect door handles, countertops, and surfaces

We will always take our customers’ and employees’ safety and health very seriously. We are following the advice of Public Health Organizations as the situation develops. We thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to keep you informed as we take additional action.

Federal safety guidance to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19 in commercial vehicle operations

Updated April 4, 2020