Growth of a company is exciting and means that you are achieving success. It can also lead to the need for a new location. While the move may give you more space, a better location and other benefits, identifying the potential roadblocks helps you avoid problems during the move. Thorough planning and preparation will help you navigate the move smoothly.


Moving companies  will provide estimates for the cost of the relocation, this will give you a good idea of what to expect. If you handle your own move, you are responsible for the safety of all of your equipment. A piece of expensive equipment that gets broken in the move is up to you to replace. When relocating to a more desirable business area or a larger space, you are likely to face higher lease payments. The risk of moving your business without professionals is high.  You are far batter off consulting with commercial moving experts like Mike the Mover and focusing your internal efforts on the smooth transition of business.

Customer Access

During your move customers are often unable to reach your business. If you move a significant distance from your old business location, some of your current clients may find the new location inconvenient. Depending on the industry, customers may look for a new company closer to home. This is particularly true in larger cities where moving to the other side of the city means an hour or more commute for customers. Be sure to identify your market when choosing your new location. What customers might you lose and which new customers will come your way because of the move?

Communicating the Move

As you prepare to move your business, you need a system for alerting customers and the community about your move. Let your clients know ahead of time that access will be limited during the move. Include the information on the new location and when your company will be functional at that location. Failing to let your clients and suppliers know about the move leads to potential problems, including having people show up at your old location to find it abandoned.


By  hiring a professional  moving company, you will face a much smaller window when your computers and business equipment are being packed, in transit and set up in the new location. This down time in operations potentially leads to a drop in sales or the inability to service your customers so it is important to keep it as minimal as possible.

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