Moving house can be a stressful time for the whole family.

It can add to the existing stress of selling the house, buying another one, packing and moving. If you have children, ensuring a smooth transition at school is another factor.

Doing all of these things at Christmas time, just adds to the pressure! Mike the Mover can ease the stress of moving by expertly moving your belongings so that you can focus on the family.

Here are some tips to moving house this Christmas season…


Although usually you would love to have a white Christmas to enjoy with your family, snow can be a negative when moving to a new house.

It makes driving more dangerous so plan ahead and take your time.
Salt your path way, drive way and outside pavement to ensure the moving team don’t slip when carrying your boxes and furniture to the truck.

Make sure you and the children have extra warm clothes to hand on the moving day. Being cold adds discomfort to a busy day.t


Sometimes through all the moving chaos the little things might slip your memory. Refer to your moving checklist to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

This is especially important when moving at Christmas, to avoid losing heat, hot water, gas or electricity. You can imagine the problems when you are trying to put lights up on the tree and cook the turkey in the oven over Christmas without power.


If you don’t tell you family and friends that your moving and give them your new address details, they will probably send your Christmas card to the wrong house.  Santa will also need to know where to find you so take the time to include a change of address when writing him from the kids!


Over the holiday period some local shops close earlier than usual, especially with the nights getting darker earlier. When you arrive at your new home you won’t have any food in the cupboard and the local grocery store may not be open. It is best to research the area beforehand and get the number for the best local takeaway.


It might be the last thing on your mind when you have moved but decoration is really important for warmth and Christmas spirit.Start getting the tinsel out around the tree and up the stairs and make the new house feel homely for the children to adjust quicker.


Don’t forget what the season is all about; although the move can be challenging don’t miss out on the usual traditions your family participates in. Get out the board games, sing the carols and bake the cookies. Christmas in a new home can be a fun time if you are prepared.