Our trucks are on the road in bad weather conditions and we are extra careful during snowy, icy months. Here are some tips that can help everyone stay safe while driving in the winter:

  • Don’t rush. Make sure you have enough time to get where you want to go. That means allowing extra time when the weather is bad. Look at the weather report before you hit the road.
  • Don’t change your direction quickly or stop suddenly when a road is icy or snowy.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. Leaving at least 10 seconds of stopping distance between you and the vehicle ahead is recommended.
  • Stay well below the posted speed limit.
  • Bring your cellphone in case you need to call for help. (But don’t use it while you’re driving.)
  • Be careful when driving over bridges or other areas that are not exposed to sun often, as these areas often are home to “black ice” — slippery surfaces not easily detectable to the naked eye.
  • If you end up behind a snowplow in operation, avoid passing until you absolutely know it’s safe. Snowplow drivers have a pretty limited field of vision.
  • It’s always dangerous to drive when your vehicle is underprepared for road conditions. Put your car through a full inspection before the winter weather really gets started. Be especially mindful of the conditions of your brakes and tires and fluid levels.

Above all, be patient. If you catch yourself thinking, “Why doesn’t that snowplow speed up? I need to get home,” just recognize that you eventually will get home safely. The “safely” part is what really matters.