Sure – there are plenty of steps to moving your office. However, are you sure you’ve thought of everything? Double-check your efforts by running through this Commercial Mover’s To-Do List.

The Big Things

Does everyone in the office know about the move? 

Information can travel fast in a small office, but if the company has a lot of moving parts, someone may be out of the loop. Make sure every employee knows when the move is taking place and where the business is relocating to.

Do my customers know about the move? 

Make sure to give your regulars ample warning before the big day. When you’re done with your business relocation, you’ll want your customers to know where to find you!

What day are we moving in?

Make sure your move-in date is achievable and that you won’t be needlessly fighting traffic. Moreover, make sure the entire staff at the office know this important date, too. Everyone needs to be on the same page for a move to go swimmingly!

Have we booked a commercial mover yet? 

When it comes to moving, organizing and unloading an entire office, you don’t want to go it alone. Make sure you have a team of professional movers behind you who knows what they’re doing. Experience makes a huge difference when you’re moving your business. Call Mike the Mover today!

The Little Things

Will my mail be forwarded? 

Make sure you set up business mail forwarding online before you move spots. That way, any payments, invoices, or bills will make it to your new place.

Do I have all the packing material I need? 

Before you start boxing up your business belongings, purchase similarly-shaped, sturdy boxes to simplify your move. They’re more reliable than second-hand boxes and will fit better in the moving truck.